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Just Walk Away

I know I never loved this way before  ?

And no one else has loved any more 

With you I have laughed and cried  ,

I have lived and died 

What I wouldnít do  !

Just to be with you 

I know I must have forgotten to go on 

I canít hold back my tears too long 

Though life wonít be the same

I have got to change the grail

And find the strength I need to let you go 

Just Walk Away , to say goodbye

Donít turn around now , you may see me cry

I must have fallen apart  ,

and show my broken heart 

Or the love I feel for you

So , walk away  , close the door ,

And let my life be as it was before  ?

Now Iíll never never know ,

 Just how I let you go

There is nothing left to say 

Just Walk Away ?

There will  never be a moment of regret  

I have loved you since the day we met

For  all the love we gained  ,

And all the love we have made

I know  I have got to find 

the strength to say

Just Walk Away , ?

Just Walk Away , ?

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